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Date Comments
25 October 2001 Released version 1.0 of PG Explorer.
2 November 2001 Fixed Constraint triggers to the proper ALTER TABLE syntax
29 November 2001
  • Ver 1.01 PG Explorer
  • Help file added
  • Rules - added to sample and tree
  • Removed Auto Expand on the tree and added Drag and Drop to the editor
    18 December 2001
  • Ver 1.02 PG Explorer
  • You can now Extract SQL on <unnamed> Constraint Triggers
  • The last position of the tree view will be saved from now on
  • Code Completion: Table names and field names added to code completion on the active editor if the tree expands
  • If your server is PostgreSQL ver 7.1 - Only User functions will be displayed
  • Database notice added: EXPLAIN SELECT will now work.
    3 January 2002
  • Ver 1.03 PG Explorer
  • Added DB Port under settings.
  • Fixed a bug in the registration. Please upgrade to ver 1.03 before registering.
  • DBA Functions - you can now extract index SQL (BTREE,HASH and RTREE)
  • Extract Table will now (Correctly) specify HASH and RTREE types on Indexes
  • Extract Data with no records in the database will do nothing
  • Updated keywords for syntax highlighting
    25 January 2002
  • PG Explorer Ver 1.04
  • Reports -> Added Table Statistics. Human readable format of the pg_statistic table
  • Reports ->Sequences All Sequences created but not used and duplicates on tables
  • Added Users in the table view. Users/Group ACL on a table
  • Extract Table SQL will also extract ACL SQL for Users/Groups.
  • Change "Database" on menu to "Connection"
  • Added "Reset" to re-establish the database connection.
  • Add Tree to the menu bar. Giving the option to either right click on the tree or use the menu.
    11 February 2002
  • PG Explorer Ver 1.05
  • Support for postgres 7.2XX - Due to system table changes previous versions will not work with PostgreSQL Ver 7.2XX.
  • Shortcut Keys Ctrl-E Execute Ctrl-T Extract SQL Ext. Added
  • Generate SQL Template Wizards for Triggers and Indexes Added - Future Releases will have more.
  • Table Statistics Support for 7.2 - Display more information for system administrators.
  • New PostgeSQL Manual
    15 February 2002
  • Minor Release - PG Explorer Ver 1.05a
  • Toolbar buttons now flat buttons
  • Wizard - CREATE TABLE
  • Fixed bug : A select on a function did not work. Fixed in this release ie. select my_function(4);
  • Support for the ALTER TABLE PRIMARY KEY on PostgreSQL Ver 7.2 - Extract Index.
  • Server messages (NOTICE) reformatted in the display window. Commands such as: "Explain Select * from my_table" will give formatted results.
  • Memory Leak in browse form fixed
  • Browse form will remember is last position and size
    22 February 2002
  • PG Explorer Ver 1.06
  • Add Column / Field Wizard - ALTER TABLE
  • Add Function / Stored Procedure Wizard - CREATE FUNCTION
  • CHECKS on column and now be viewed on the field view in the tree
  • EXTRACT SQL on table will now extract CONSTRAINTS (FOREIGN KEYS) and CHECKS
  • Add Wizard - Check Constraints an easy way to generate Regular Expressions on your fields
    1 March 2002
  • Minor Release - PG Explorer Ver 1.06a
  • libpq.dll for PostgreSQL Ver 7.2 - Large BLOB field support
  • Early versions of 1.06 had a bug extracting tables with numeric fields - fixed
  • Colour Code reposes from the server
  • Add Wizard - Foreign Key Wizard
    27 March 2002
  • Major Release - PG Explorer Ver 1.07
  • Error fixed after change database with a open select query.
  • Add Popup menu on editor.
  • Response Message Box will keep its postion if you re-execute the query.
  • If a PostgreSQL Error is raised the error messages and the notice will be displayed
  • Browse table has a limit and offset for large databases
  • Executing Select query with syntax error more than 4 times crashed PG explorer - fixed
  • Editor General Settings - Default Font and Font Size
  • Varios Changes to the editor including "--" comment highlighing
  • Wizards - 1) Add User and Add Group 2) User and group rights on table AND sequences
  • Add Users / Groups in tree view
  • Add User Rights in tree under sequences
  • Fixed User Rights on Extract SQL for 7.2