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As soon as I try to connect to my server I get a error "connect() failed-
Is the postmaster running with -i option"

Postgres by default does not open a listener socket for security reasons. It is advisable only to do these changes on a development server protected by a firewall.
There are several ways of fixing the problem. It all depends on your Installation Version and Distribution (Redhat/Mandake)

For version 7.2XX of postgres edit the file $PGDATA/postgresql.conf and set tcpip_socket = true

  • Make sure postgres server is running by executing psql as the postgres user:
    Become Root: su -
    Change to postgres user: su - postgres
    Test the database server running: psql template1
  • If the server is not running start it by executing:
    /etc/rc.d/init.d/postgres start
  • Try the connection again if it does not work try the following
    In your $PGDATA directory (/var/lib/pgsql/data or /var/local/lib/pgsql/data) edit the file postmaster.opts.default and add "-i" without the " and restart the server (/etc/rc.d/init.d/postgres restart)
    If there is no postmaster.opts.default add it in postmaster.opts
  • If there is no file postmaster.opts you can always start postmaster from the command line
    /usr/bin/pg_ctl -o -i -D $PGDATA -p /usr/bin/postmaster start
    Just add "-o -i"
    Where $PGDATA is the location of your Data (/var/lib/pgsql/data )
  • No pg_hba.conf entry for <YOUR CLIENT IP>, user <YOUR USER NAME>

  • In your PGDATA directory (/usr/lib/pgsql/data) edit your pg_hba.conf and add a entry "host DBNAME IP_ADDRESS ADDRESS_MASK AUTHTYPE [AUTH_ARGUMENT]"
    host pgexplorer <YOUR CLIENT IP> trust
    host all <YOUR CLIENT IP> password
    What kind of support do you provide for the tool?

    Currently we provide free email support for our registered users. Anyone must and can feel free to email suggestions for further enhancements or report problems / bugs.
    Are buyers qualified for free limited time upgrades?

    Yes for the current 1.XX version.
    What is the vision for the tool, and is there a timeline.

  • We aim to develop the ultimate tool for PostgreSQL. Suggestions and enhancements from our users or registered users are considered, prioritised and implemented.
  • We are currently considering porting PG Explorer for Linux. Work has started for this in Dec 2001, but its far from release.
  • We have already started enhancing the GUI part of the tool as From Ver 1.05 with the introduction of a few wizards. Free upgrade for all our registered users.
  • What versions of PostgreSQL do you support

  • Tested on 7.2 and 7.1.3
  • Should work for any PosgtreSQL version > 7.0
  • There is problems with PostgreSQL < 7.0 - Please upgrade your server.
  • What platfroms do you support.

  • Currently only Win32.
  • Linux version Soon.
  • If you change from the 1.xx series to the 2.xx series will I need to buy a new copy or will I get a discount for the upgrade?

  • Version 2 was/will be released at the same price. All ver 1.XX users will be eligible for a free upgrade.