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Current Release Ver 2.5
PostgreSQL V8 users please upgrade

PG Explorer is Now FREE !!
PGExplorer (Postgres Explorer) is a full-featured GUI postgres development tool. Features include a tree view of your databases, and database objects. You can reverse engineer SQL statements from your database objects , modify the SQL and execute it. Wizards will guide you through the process to generate SQL for various objects and statements. The latest release includes a Graphical Select Query Designer.
If you are looking for a replacement database for Oracle postgres is the way to go. You can download it at

Enhance Productivity
  • In most cases you can create your database objects / queries without touching your keyboard
  • With Syntax highlighting you can easily identify syntax errors
  • Wizards to generate SQL will save hours in development time
  • You can easily view your database objects. There is no need to have knowledge of postgres internals. No more need to waste time writing complex queries on the system tables.
  • With Syntax Completion and the ability to Drag and Drop tables and field names into the editor you can produce any SQL statement lighting fast
    Identify Problems
  • The Sequence report will identify sequences that is redundant.
  • View statistics of your tables to identify the need for further indexing
  • Free upgrades for the current 2.XX release
  • Email Support

  • Feature Matrix
    Have a look at the EXTRACT SQL feature matrix

    Graphical Features
    Tree view of you databases - Info Here
    Version 2 - Query Designer - Info Here

    Get a list of functionality here

    Future Improvements
  • Multiple Database connections